‘Voice Ask’ for research and general questions whilst on the move.

This strategy comes thanks to Sandra Fox who has shared her technology tool tips on her blog. 

Voice Ask is an assistant like Siri, but it works on all iPhones and iPads [Apple app store £0.69]. And now on Android as well [via Google Play for £2.27]. You can ask it questions on any topic, either by talking to it or write, and it will answer you in a clear voice.”  There is a YouTube video about Voice Ask

Sandra Fox – AT specialist – TeachTapin

Academic phrasebook to aid writing

This could save the day when you cannot think what to write in certain parts of an assignment or dissertation –  the University of Manchester has an Academic Phrasebank.

It is a general resource for academic writers. It aims to provide you with examples of some of the phraseological “nuts and bolts” of writing organised under the headings to the left. It was designed primarily with international students whose first language is not English in mind. However, if you are a native speaker writer, you may still find parts of the material helpful.

academic phrasebank

Thanks to Andy McMahon 


BrailleSense schedule manager for appointments

“I do not tend to use a calendar.  However, for critical appointments, I put them down in my BrailleSense’s schedule manager.”

This works well with a PC and screen reader.  It has a calendar and clock for alarms.  Appointments can be made very quickly using Braille,  whilst having a conversation or in a lecture. It has an internet connection, can be used for social networking and word processing.

Sam – Live and Studio Sound