Speak Selection – built in iPhone Text to Speech to read aloud.

screen grab of speak selection

Speak selection from text on an iPhone

“My workaround may be a little complicated to include.[…] It’s a million times better than VoiceOver for dyslexic users – it’s designed for dyslexics rather than VI [Visual impairment].  It’s a built in accessibility feature for iOS5, so works everywhere.

Apple say: Speak Selection

Want to select text from websites, email, messages, and more? Speak Selection lets you highlight text in any application by double tapping it. Even if you don’t have VoiceOver enabled, Speak Selection will read you the highlighted text and give you formatting options like cut, copy, and paste. Turn on Speak Selection in Settings.


A video:

Link to the YouTube video

Neil – Psychnology

Miranda IM – one interface for all social networking that is also free and accessible!

Miranda IM

Miranda IM

“When it comes to social networks and communication online, I have several accounts but I am able to access them all using Miranda IM – Miranda IM offers one interface that can link with for instance Skype or Windows Live and Facebook”

It is a Windows only free download, works with a screen reader and has a simple interface. The program can also work directly from a pen drive.

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