Online project management to manage deadlines

“I use online project management systems for managing deadlines for course work, assignments and deadlines for club and society activities.  I like to use ones that can be colour coded depending on the urgency and also where I can add alarms!”

Gantter project management

Gantter is a free Gantt chart project management system that offers some colour coding and easy ways to add tasks and resources.  It offers links to online calendars and iCalendar and Google which can send reminders, as well as exporting to Microsoft Project and to Google Drive for sharing with others.  Google have provided a YouTube video with an overview of Gantter

emails for ideas, reminders and for questions that need to be dealt with later!

“When I have an idea for a project or something like that, I email it to myself in order to make sure that I remember it later or when I need to search for an answer to some question etc…”  student

There is an online service called Nudgemail that allows you to send email reminders without signing in or having to open your own email account if you are parted from your own technologies for any length of time!

The company has put up a Nudgemail YouTube video that explains how you can sort out your timely reminders or link it up with Google Calendar.

Sticky Notes on Windows 7 as a useful freely available task reminder

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes positioned around the Microsoft Windows instructions – they can be used as an overlay with any documents and a sticky note can be added at anytime. The application can be pinned to the taskbar so you can toggle the notes off and on or simply close the Window and they will be automatically saved.

I am using “Sticky Notes”, the built in application in Windows 7. I began using this application because I tend to forget tasks and things I have to do over the day or week. This application is really helping me to gather information at the time it is required and also helps me to improve my memory when it comes to those everyday tasks.

What is quite helpful with this app is the fact that it is always facing you, while it stays “stacked” on the screen, you always have a face-to-face communication with your tasks which really helps you not to forget them.

It really requires a bit of a notification system so that you can organize your tasks at different time intervals, but it seems to be working fine for me at the moment.

Stelios – MSc Web Technology

Using CalenGoo for sending reminders via text and email

I have an Orange / T-mobile account on my iPhone and with CalenGoo syncing with my Google calendar I can set up SMS reminders as well as email or pop up ones.  The app costs £4.99 but allows for so many more options compared to the built in calendar on the iPhone including the chance to sync with multiple calendars. This means calendars can be set up for special projects.  Colour coding and large fonts with zoom make it a calendar that is easy to read even on a small screen. Lots of online support is provided by the developers

CalenGoo is also available for Android phones and costs £4.63

YouTube Video showing the app on an Android.