LexDis 2.0 is supported by researchers in the ECS Accessibility Team (University of Southampton) to allow us to share strategies related to the use of technology for studying.  There is a huge range of new technologies – many of them on a mobile phone – so it was essential that we updated our original JISC funded LexDis project.

The idea is for us to collect strategies with the help of participating students along with comments from any of you who are willing to contribute to this collaborative project.

Please take part and make this a useful resource!

The original LexDis site was developed by students at the University of Southampton- Russell Newman (who has completed his PhD) in the WAIS research group and James Llewhellin who sadly died in 2009. Jiří Kajaba and Reena Pau were also there to support us when we needed more ideas.

LexDis meeting cartoon
The James Llewhellin Accessibility Prize was established in memory of James and is awarded each year to a student who makes a considerable contribution to work involving accessibility and ease of use in the field of technology.

Below you will find a collection of reports related to the research carried out during the LExDis project.

The LexDis Methodology Report for JISC (July 2008 – MS Word 2003 download 2.2MB) has an indepth analysis of our use of participartory methods along with discussions related to the outcomes of the research undertaken into the use of technologies with e-learning, with thanks to the support of all the students who took part.

The LexDis Project Final Report (December 2008 – MS Word 2003 download 1.52MB) provides an overview of the entire project with quotes and case studies from those students who participated, as well as the results of the research. The Executive Summary can be downloaded separately (December 2008 – MS Word 2003 download 60KB) but also forms part of the final report. The complete report is available in Daisy book format with navigation and audio (large zipped folder 137MB). PDF versions of The LexDis Project Final Report(1.8MB) and The Executive Summary (260KB) can also be downloaded.

The LexDis Completion Report (February 2009 – MS Word 2003 download 242KB) has been submitted to JISC but this project will continue to remain up to date with additional information related to student strategies and guides being added to the database over time. A PDF version of the LexDis Completion Report(275KB) can be downloaded and a LexDis Completion Report Daisy book format is available with navigation and audio (zipped folder 10.8MB).