Use different TTS voices and use Siri for sending text messages

“I use different voices for my text to speech and I use Siri to send notes to lecturers as an instant message (SMS).  It is the flexibility of the iPhone that is so good – you can multitask using several tools at once.”

Karima – sent via the strategy form

However, there can be some problems when ‘Trying to Use Siri to Text Message‘ as this YouTube video illustrates!

Miranda IM – one interface for all social networking that is also free and accessible!

Miranda IM

Miranda IM

“When it comes to social networks and communication online, I have several accounts but I am able to access them all using Miranda IM – Miranda IM offers one interface that can link with for instance Skype or Windows Live and Facebook”

It is a Windows only free download, works with a screen reader and has a simple interface. The program can also work directly from a pen drive.

Sam – Live and Studio Sound