Access ebooks from libraries with Kobo Reader

Kobo reader“I have discovered that the Kobo e-reader can open protected (DRM’d) epubs from libraries.  They are synced by connecting the device to a PC with Adobe Digital Editions installed.  But as far as I know it has no TTS.”

The Kobo wifi has adjustable fonts and views but these can depend on the book that has been downloaded.

Using the free Calibre ebook management service is another alternative when documents need to be converted to an accessible format

Neil – Psychology

Dulling down a computer screen to prevent headaches.

laptop keys

Laptop keys with brightness settings available as function keys

“Because with my dyslexia, bright colours give me a headache. I dull it [the screen] down so that I can sit at a computer for a lot longer… I get headaches when I drive at night, as well.  I like typing on blue but when I print it out it remains normal like black text on white. The dullness prevents me getting headaches and I can concentrate for longer.”

Andrew – nursing