ClaroRead for reading out text.

ClaroRead screen grab“I use ClaroRead to read out my essays so they make sense  I don’t use the Claro filter as I have glasses for colour – I have a blue filter.  I don’t use my printer very much as it is too expensive – I tend to print double sided but prefer larger fonts.”



YouTube link to the ClaroRead for PC Overview Video

Sarah – Philosophy and Economics.

Adobe PDF to Word for text to speech and annotation

TextHelp scan document“Reading is big issue for me – I find it hard to concentrate on the content so I have to scan in documents so I use a program to read them back to help me focus and absorb more information. Quite often I download E-Journals and they are all set up in PDF format. But, when I come to use the software, it is quite hard so then I transfer it to a Word document.  It is much more user-friendly.

Basically, I have been used to using the software for TextHelp Read and Write [Gold] (YouTube video) and in that program you can scan the document – you can scan the PDF document and transfer it to a Word document” [This is also possible with ClaroRead (YouTube video)]

Tom – Sports Science BSc Hons

Microsoft Windows Magnifier for viewing Blackboard

windows magnifier

Docked Windows magnifier at 500%

…”you can generally get hold of Windows magnifier if they haven’t locked down computers too much. But there is still a limit. It’s a work-around, but it works OK for me….   Knowing separate web addresses for sites, so I don’t have to use SUSSED [the university portal]., I mean things like “Blackboard is (said the web address), webmail is webmail……(gave web address) – we don’t want the extra frames.”

Hannah – Occupational Therapist

Linearise layout of tables and presentations for screen reader users

“If certain things aren’t designed in a way which is friendly towards my screen reader, if I struggle to navigate pages of notes or what have you, then I find I just give up. …It very rarely happens, but there have been times, like for the last year we had presentations we had to do for French. Otherwise we used to have to produce a sheet that went with the presentation, like a document, and I used to have to get that e-mailed to me. Now if there were tables in that, you had to set them out in a very standard way, you couldn’t have a non-standard table, one of those funny shaped things, you’d have to have just a plain table. If you’d pulled it off a website, well fine, but then edit it, because otherwise I can’t read it.” David –  Politics and French

WebAim provide very good examples alongside their articel on Creating Accessible Tables

“Here is a table which was created for visual effect:

toilet in a table

The visual user will read: “Basement Toilets Must Flush UP!”

The screen reader will hear (or feel via Braille): “Basement UP! Toilets Flush Must”