Collaborating on Blackboard

Blackboard themes

“I have changed the look and feel of Blackboard to make it easier for me to find my way around, read course titles and find documents.  I set it up how I like it and then you can personalise your page (top right of the menus). I chose the forest theme because I found it had quite subtle shades and it was easy to see and use and it wasn’t too stark.  Then you click on submit at the bottom of the page, and it puts it all into place for you. But then I was working with someone who did not like my colours so I used the Internet Options in Internet Explorer to quickly make it easier for her to read content with a blue background.”  (High Contrast mode is also available through the My Places menu on Blackboard)

blue colour background for Blackboard

Sarah – nursing

Microsoft Windows Magnifier for viewing Blackboard

windows magnifier

Docked Windows magnifier at 500%

…”you can generally get hold of Windows magnifier if they haven’t locked down computers too much. But there is still a limit. It’s a work-around, but it works OK for me….   Knowing separate web addresses for sites, so I don’t have to use SUSSED [the university portal]., I mean things like “Blackboard is (said the web address), webmail is webmail……(gave web address) – we don’t want the extra frames.”

Hannah – Occupational Therapist