Opera browser has handy mouse gestures

“I use Opera rather than Internet Explorer to go back a page – right click and a left click, straight one after the other, that makes going back so much easier! Not using Alt / L & R Arrow. I also used Firefox a bit, but Opera is much nicer. You have to do right click followed by left click very quickly!”

” I prefer the layout so much more and the keyboard and mouse shortcuts are so useful. For instance I use right click followed by left click to go back a web page or just the z key.” The YouTube video below illustrates what is possible with mouse gestures.

I find the automatic reloading of a page useful when working on forums which you can customise to however many minutes or seconds you want. Opera also allows you to add your chosen search engines as part of the menu. There is also a function called ‘speed dial’ that provides you with your 4 most important web sites”

Chloe – Psychology

Slowing mouse speeds

Optical mouse“One major issue I have had since the start of my schooling life is, when my hands quickly cramp up and I cannot write or hold a pen without extreme discomfort. This has meant that whilst note taking and exams as examples, I find it difficult to write.  I have slowed down the mouse speed.  With my shakes I end up double-clicking everything.  Also, I can only use an optical mouse and I can’t use a touchpad…”

Jim – Information Technology in Organisations