iTunes U free app – open courses useful for extra information

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slidesThe iTunes U app from the Apple Store has lots of open courses.  It is very useful for my studies – you can listen to the course at the same time as looking at the slides in iBooks.

Henry – Web and Internet Science

It works on an iPhone and iPad – you need to register on the Apple store. Many of the courses are American. ‘Internet Economics’ as a lecture is an example from one of the courses and you have a podcast plus slides from Stanford University – “Future of the Internet by Ramesh Johari”  You can speed up the voice up to 2x, pause the lecture and return to it later and rewind in short steps.

YouTube to make procrastination productive!

“I use Youtube  when I am procrastinating about what to write or revise. I find it helps my concentration and is a more productive way of taking a break, whilst keeping me centred on the project.”

Refseek have several sites that offer videos for various topics besides YouTube university and Apple iTunes U.