Using academic word lists to help with assignments plus WordSift or Wordle

“I find the online websites that have subject specific word lists are helpful when looking for words that need to be used for academic writing”  Lettie

There is the WordSift site at Stanford University that works like Wordle showing a section of text with the words you use most being shown in large sized fonts.  The WordSift site also has the Visual Thesaurus to help when making choices of words.

Here is a YouTube video tutorial using WordSift

iPhone dictionary so easy to use.

“I like the iPhone’s dictionary – if you don’t know the meaning of a word on a website you just have to tap on it to get its meaning. So simple and easy.” Anibul

The dictionary was added for iOS 5 and it is important to just tap and hold on a single word to see the ‘Define‘ menu appear beside ‘Copy, Select All  and Speak’.  It does not work in all applications.  In messages the complete message is highlighted on tap and hold but you can use Copy and use Speak.

iPhone dictionary
iPhone dictionary interface