Using Ctrl+F or Command +F to find things – keyboard shortcuts.

search in PDF

search Wikipedia page“I would find that when I am reading poilicies which have so much text to read, I go to the  summary and then use the find and just go to the specific bit. If you know you need a specific item such as ‘consent’ – then use Ctrl +F [Command +F], add the word to the search box and find it directly.”

Amber – nursing.

Crazy: 90 Percent of People Don’t Know How to Use CTRL+F

This week, I talked with Dan Russell, a search anthropologist at Google, about the time he spends with random people studying how they search for stuff. One statistic blew my mind. 90 percent of people in their studies don’t know how to use CTRL/Command + F to find a word in a document or web page! I probably use that trick 20 times per day and yet the vast majority of people don’t use it at all. (Alexis Madrigal)

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for Windows

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