vBookz PDF – free iPhone app for reading PDFs with text to speech.

vBookz PDF Voice Reader

vBookz PDF Voice Reader

“I’ve just tried a different vBookz app [from the one that offers free Audiobooks  – 30,000+ classics read aloud with text to speech]!   Its called vBookz PDF Voice Reader.  It is a free PDF TTS app and will read directly from a PDF, so you see the page as it should be, not just plain text.  It uses a moving box, rather than highlighting – the box surrounds the word currently being read.  The screen shot shows how the reading speed is controlled and page control.”

The company provide a quick overview of the vBookz PDF Voice Reader app on YouTube.

Neil – Psychology

1 thought on “vBookz PDF – free iPhone app for reading PDFs with text to speech.

  1. Neil has just sent an update on vBookz PDF: “The free TTS only works on their 3 demo PDFs. If you want to read another PDF file then you have to pay for a voice (£2.99).

    You can change the speed (up to 240wpm). I prefer it a bit faster, but I’ve never met anyone who likes TTS anywhere near as fast as I do. To do this, you have to click a “speedometer” button, which I didn’t notice at the time, but seems fairly obvious now I know it’s there!

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