Building your approach

Building your approach as an organisations is very important to ensuring that accessibility has longevity and is adopted by staff. Check out our 6 steps to helping you build your approach.

FOI guidance

The number of FOI’s in relation to the public sector bodies accessibility regulations is rising quickly. Be prepared for some of the most common questions with this guidance.

Student journey

We have been mapping the entire student journey to identify all of the key interactions that new and existing students are involved in with the institution in order to address as many accessibility issues as possible and attempt to create an end to end accessible journey.

Accessibility approaches

There are several approaches an organisation can take to meet the accessibility regulations, depending on available resource, commitment and other circumstances. This section will outline some of those.

Prioritising services

In terms of providing resource to help – includes audits and training for service staff

Think about: 

  • Internal or external?
  • How much traffic?
  • Sensitive? 
  • Disabled users?
  • Historic complaints?
  • Has it already been audited?
    • What risk/compliance did the audit reveal? 
    • Does it have an accessibility statement? 


  1. Main website
  2. Recruitment system
  3. Intranet
  4. Employee HR system

How can you quantify priority so it’s fair and measured, particularly if you don’t have the resources to do everything before GDS come knocking?