Student Journey

We have been mapping the entire student journey to identify all of the key interactions that new and existing students are involved in with the institution in order to address as many accessibility issues as possible and attempt to create an end to end accessible journey.

The University has previously mapped the student journey for the central student services hub project in order to identify what professional services might be relevant to students at different times throughout their time with the University. 

The OPERA team have worked with the Kent Vision project team to create a single student journey map for the University of Kent.

We are leveraging this existing mapping and expanding on it to create a new that identifies not only every stage of the student journey including the physical and online interactions that make up each step, but then all of the reasonable accessibility considerations that should be made to deliver an end to end accessible and inclusive student experience.

With the accessibility considerations mapped at each point in the journey we will work with each team and department that is responsible for any given step in the journey to help them enhance their processes, provide them with training and resources, and understand the wider impact their support has on the student experience.