Accessibility Approaches

There are several approaches an organisation can take to meet the accessibility regulations, depending on available resource, commitment and other circumstances. This section will outline some of those. 

You will need to build your approach within each of these.

Option 1 – Minimal

The minimal approach is for organisations that desire compliance but do not have the resource to facilitate a full approach or testing. 

Suitable for: 

  • Small organisations (50 people or less) 
  • Minimal resources
  • 1 website, development outsourced

Approach involves: 

  • Adding accessibility to existing job role(s)
  • Create an accessibility roadmap, including details of testing
  • Build into procurement process
  • Run automated and basic tests on website(s) and resolve any issues with the developer
  • Publish an accessibility statement for the website(s)

Option 2 – Outsource

The outsourcing approach is aimed at small organisations that do not have the resource to hire extra staff to look at accessibility issues but want to identify and fix barriers on their website(s). 

Suitable for:

  • Small to medium organisations (50-250 people)
  • Some short-term resource
  • 1-5 websites/systems

Approach involves: 

  • All option 1 recommendations, plus;
  • Outsourced auditing on website

Option 3 – Accessibility Officer

If your organisation is willing to commit additional resources to meet the accessibility requirements and help make it sustainable, recruiting an Accessibility Officer to manage accessibility strategy is a suitable option. 

Suitable for:

  • Small to medium organisations (50-250 people)
  • Additional resource for a SME
  • 5-10 websites/systems 

Approach involves:

  • All option 1 recommendations, plus; 
  • Recruit an Accessibility Officer
  • Internal guidance and support, including an accessibility policy
  • Some involvement in the community
  • Some detailed auditing and/or outsourced auditing.

Option 4 – Accessibility Team

If your organisation is willing to make a major investment to improve accessibility and meet compliance, creating a dedicated team for accessibility is an approach worth considering. 

Suitable for:

  • Medium to large organisations (250+ people) 
  • Additional resource allocated for a SME and 2+ testers
  • 10+ websites/systems

Approach involves:

  • All option 1 and option 3 recommendations, plus;
  • Recruit Accessibility Auditors
  • Detailed internal audit framework
  • Good level of involvement in community