Using Two Screens when Reading, Writing and Revising

double screens“I like the double screens and I like ATS (Assistive Technology Service room) as it is quiet – the two screens help because you are able to look at two things at the same time rather than flick back and forth having to flip between things. I do not have a good short term memory so to look at things and compare is good otherwise I forget things. I cannot remember what I have just read, so I have the text up on one screen and then make notes on another.”

Sarah – Philosophy and Economics

1 thought on “Using Two Screens when Reading, Writing and Revising

  1. Thanks for adding this strategy Sarah. Smalis studying Web Technology also sent in a strategy for using multiple screens and commented ” The use of multiple screens can make my study easier since I can access, read and compare multiple resources.” This idea has often been discussed and there are studies that show that using more than one monitor can increase productivity but it is hard to measure – a recent article discusses the idea “In Data Deluge, Multitaskers Go to Multiscreens”

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