Mouse Use

Most computers come with an additional input device, other than the keyboard, and it is usually a mouse or track pad on a laptop. Microsoft have a web page about the mouse and its healthy use. There may be times when you want to change the mouse actions or the pointers and cursors on the screen.

  • Pointers and Cursors too Small

    Windows has many pointers and cursors on offer other than the standard ones. These can be found in the Control Panel under Mouse Pointers. There are also more freely available from Dolphin and the Ace Centre, with larger icons and bars to increase visibility. Philip Henderson also offers some left handed ones with bright colours.

  • Left Handed

    You can change the buttons on the mouse to make it easier to control with the left hand. The settings are found in the same section as the pointers – Control panel – Mouse and Buttons tab. See Microsoft guides for other mouse changes.

  • Want to improve you mouse skills

    Try chasing sheep into a pen and you will soon find out whether you have chosen the right mouse or need some practice! SheepGame

  • 10 Tips for Using a Computer Mouse

    Cornell University offer some advice about how to avoid repetitive strain injuries (RSI).