Sorting, Storing Information and other e-skills

Sorting and storing information for future use is much harder than it sounds with the amount of data we can gather from the Internet. Most systems are text based but mind mapping can help. Reminders and good time management skills can all help as well as learning how to make the most of the learning environments on offer.

  • Keeping notes taken from web pages

    Drag and drop note items from the web, electronic documents and attach pictures to provide a scrolling record of notes using EverNote (freeware). Set up a series of easy to read Stickies (freeware) to remind you of important items. Keep notes in a personal web page with TiddlyWiki that sits on your desktop. Use free CiteULike for references on-line or Zotero in your browser.

  • Sound Reminders

    Sound Timer is free and can be linked to tasks, appointments and any event with a sound file.

  • Mind or concept mapping ideas

    If you like drawing spider web type diagrams and want to share them on the web try MindMeister,, Gliffy or Mindomo on-line. You can also down load a program called Freemind.


    from the library at University of New England (USA) with ideas for sorting, storing and using information.

  • Do you have good e-learning skills?

    Try an on-line quiz.

  • Have you tried any study skills courses?

    e.g. The University of Southampton Academic skills toolkit – an online resource to help you learn how to be a more effective learner and develop the research skills that will help you now and in the future.