Pain, Fatigue and Stress

University of Hull video screengrabThe University of Hull has a video on YouTube about Time Management, one of the main issues that may arise when a student is in pain, suffers fatigue or feels stressed.

Pain and fatigue can result from mobility and dexterity disabilities or a wide range of medical conditions that may come under the heading of hidden disabilities.

Stress may be part of a wider mental health issue or a feeling that occurs at particular times during the academic year. Imperial College have a useful article about stress with management tips. SCIPS offers advice for staff on the subject of Mental Health Difficulties. The W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) provides a collection of resources on  how people with disabilities use the web.

“A lesson plan sets out the objectives or learning outcomes and content of the session for the benefit of the student. When a lesson plan is distributed before the lesson it can be an effective tool in managing student expectations and helping their preparation for the lesson.” Access to lesson plans, on-line materials and copies of handouts can be extremely helpful. (Higher Education Academy)

“The main thing I learned then and have had brought home to me since by some minor re-occurrences … is that I must accept that unless I am sensible and do not overdo things the virus could re-occur. Accepting this involved altering my ideas on time, in that it was no longer necessarily time-saving to try and complete a lot of things in a short space of time. Trying to do so could mean that I would end up in bed for the following few days, thereby taking twice as long as I otherwise might have done.” (Dundee Counselling Service extract from a case history)