Understanding the Regulations e-learning

It is important that staff understand their responsibilities under the Equality Act and Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations and what this translates to as practical actions.

One of the first items that we developed was a short video that gives a brief overview to digital accessibility and its importance.This covers the varying reasons why users may have additional access needs and what staff should be aiming for when creating content and seeking in procurement contracts etc.

We have also delivered a short e-learning module to staff on the new regulations that covers:

  • Why the regulations are important
  • When the regulations come into force
  • Organisation and staff responsibilities
  • What to do about existing and new websites
  • Exclusions

This e-learning course on the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 has been included into the toolkit as a SCORM compliant e-learning .ZIP file that can be incorporated into your organisation’s e-learning system.

We have also developed a more in depth online elearning programme called Inclusive Learning and Teaching Strategies to raise awareness of inclusive practice in learning and teaching.