Welcome to the Digital Accessibility Toolkit. To get you started we have a host of introduction content that will help you better understand what digital accessibility and inclusion are, what we mean by a “website”, what the difference is between the medical and social models of disability, and a summary of equality legislation that has led to the latest digital accessibility regulations.

What is Digital Accessibility & Inclusion

Digital Accessibility and Inclusion are two interlinked subjects that aim to enable all people to be able to use digital service. This article gives more information about what each of these terms mean and how the Government has developed them into an agenda which has led to the latest regulations.

What is a website

This may sound like a simple question, but it is an important question when you are considering if a website meets web accessibility regulations. This article will help you understand the scope of the term “website” under the new regulations.

What are the Medical & Social models of disability

There are two main “models” that are used to describe disability. Each has its role to play in fully understanding the many ways in which we can collectively overcome the effects of disability.

A brief history of relevant equality legislation

There are several relevant pieces of equality legislation in the UK that have led to the accessibility laws we now see. This article gives a brief overview of the ones you need to know.