Digital Accessibility Contributors

The content on LexDis is a collaborative effort and many experts have contributed to the content available through the Digital Accessibility Toolkit including creating templates, cheat sheets, writing guidance and more.

Below are all of the authors who have contributed to the pool of content:

George Rhodes – Digital Accessibility Compliance Lead (Kent County Council)

Ben Watson – Accessible Information Adviser (University of Kent)

Abi James – Accessibility Consultant (Assistive Learning)

Alistair McNaught – Accessibility Consultant (formerly JISC)

Robert McLaren – Head of Industry Technology and Innovation (Policy Connect)

Fiona Strawbridge – Head of Digital Education (University College London)

E.A Draffan – (University of Southampton)

Dan Clark – University Learning Technologist (University of Kent)

Natalia Crisanti – Events, Systems and Communications Officer (University of Kent)

Nik Duncan – Assistive Technology Assistant (University of Kent)

Chris Morrison – Copyright and Licensing Compliance Officer (University of Kent)

Aaron Prior – Industry Executive at Microsoft (Contributed in previous role at Kent County Council)

James Church – Compliance Support Officer (Kent County Council)

Natalia Flindall – Accessibility Auditor (Kent County Council)

Liam Cumber – Content Designer (Kent County Council)

Mark Fendley – Web Development Manager (University of Kent)

Angela Groth-Seary – User Experience and Digital Content Officer (University of Kent)

Sarah Fisher – User Experience and Digital Content Officer (University of Kent)

Paul-Georg Ender – International Law Student (University of Kent)

Jonathan Thirlwell – User Experience Developer, University of Kent

Matthew Bull – User Experience Developer, University of Kent