Accessible Events

Updated Events Cheat Sheet

We have updated the Accessible Events Cheat Sheet to now include even more accessibility and inclusion considerations you may want to think about when running events. It is by no means an exhaustive list, nor do you need to do everything on the list. Think about your audience, be open to people discussing their access requirements with you and encourage conversation. Try and create an environment that allows everyone to enjoy your work.

Accessible Events Cheat Sheet V2

Online Accessible Events

We have an updated Online Accessible Events Cheat Sheet that can help you to plan out online events and accessibility considerations. Extra useful in this time where the only events are online events.

Accessible Online Events Cheat Sheet

Kent Digital Accessibility Conference 2019

Following our Kent Digital Accessibility Conference 2019, we composed a list of all the accessibility considerations we made when planning the event. Most of these considerations were small things that we think everyone should have considered when organising an event, however there are some that require additional work in advance or access to specialist equipment such as a braille printer.

The accessibility considerations that were made during our latest event were:

  • Live captioning using Otter AI for deaf or hard of hearing attendees
  • Diabetes emergency supplies in addition to planned refreshments
  • Dog supplies for guide dogs including water bowl, additional waste bags and designated roaming space
  • Slides sent out in advance to allow time for users with visual impairment, dyslexia or other consideration to have time in advance to familiarise themselves with the content
  • Slides all made accessible so that they work with screen readers, do not cause contrast issues, use plain english or have clear notes to support explanation
  • Braille agendas, menus and signage to support visually impaired attendees
  • BSL guidance prepared for non-presentation related interaction with attendees. Eg. toilet directions, talks starting soon, other FAQs
  • All presentations recorded for sharing afterwards with full captions and transcripts to support users with a range of impairments
  • Disabled toilets and access

For a further guide to help you ensure you have made the appropriate considerations for your event see our Accessible Events Cheat Sheet.


For those who may be using Eventbrite, the popular event sign up platform and are interested in its accessibility, Eventbrite actually have some guidance on how to make your listings as accessible as possible and making your whole event accessible.

Eventbrite Basic Event Accessibility Guidance – is a link to their basics of event accessibility article which is then only accessible by a PDF download that has some accessibility issues, and you have to sign up to receive a copy.

Eventbrite How to Create an Accessible Event Listing Guidance – Is another article on the Eventbrite website that gives some tips on making event listings accessible on the platform.