Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way of storing links to Internet resources and sharing them with others. Most systems use tags as a method of giving bookmarks, keywords and categorising them to be searched for in the future. Social Bookmarks can be shared publicly to allow others to have access to the set of chosen sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Some systems also allow bookmarks to be rated by other users, who can post comments on them. Bookmarks can be accessed from anywhere, as they are stored online rather than in the browser. Compared to some other Web 2.0 services, Social Bookmarking is generally very accessible unless the tags are held in an overly complex tag cloud.


  • Screen reader software may not be able to access bookmark tags. Depending on the service being used, as well as the web browser and chosen screen reader program, the list of tags for a bookmark may not be read out if they do not have alt tags for images or the text is held in an inaccessible frame.

Additional Resources

  • Web2Access can help you decide which social bookmarking tools to use.
  • Common Craft provide a screencast about social bookmarking, and how it can be used.

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