RSS Feeds

RSS is a method of automatically receiving updates from information sources. By subscribing to an RSS feed with an RSS reader program, you are informed whenever a new update on that feed is posted for you to read. This saves time by eliminating the need to visit a website to check if there is anything new, as you will know immediately when something has been changed.  However, the use of RSS feeds seems to have been overtaken by the use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media links for news.


  • Ensure that it is easy for anyone to subscribe to your RSS feed. Subscribing to a RSS feed often requires locating the RSS icon. Sites often describe this as “the orange button”, which, along with other descriptions based on colour, should be discouraged as colour blindness can mean these symbols are seen differently as shown in the example below, where a red – green colour deficit changes the view.rrs feed orange button with symbolic waverss feed button red green deficit
  • RSS readers can be standalone programs, or incorporated into your web browser. These feeders are also known as News Aggregators and Wikipedia provides a list of RSS readers that can be used with a browser.  Feedly has worked hard to make its app accessible and allows users to categorise and sort feeds.
  • Accessible RSS News Reader is an accessible RSS reader. It is part of the WebbIE collection and provides users with a simple download for an accessible text based option. Accessible RSS News Reader enables users to sort their subscribed feeds with editable titles and notes, using screen reader and other assistive technologies.

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